Carnivale Masks

Ancient Traditions – Modern Masks

Carnevale di Venezia or the Carnival of Venice dates back over 1000 years. In modern times, it is a celebration of excess, to mark the beginning of the Lenten fasting which is is custom for the 40 days before Easter.

In Australia, some times we celebrate Carnevale with a Masquerade Ball just as they do in Venice.

What to wear

Really you have a free licence to enjoy any mask that you like with the exception of the Devil as this would be inappropriate. Carnevale is full of fun, music and costume so you can really enjoy it. As the Celebration is one of “excess” you can really let yourself be free to do what you want.


As it is an Italian custom, you could select a more Italianate Mask like any of the ones below.

Red Zane Joker MaskSaucy Black Metal Mask for Men

Music Theme Zane Masquerade Mask Authentic Venetian Mask Made in Italy

Marielle Exclusive Mask Hand Painted in Venice Butterfly Mask Silver White Gi Gi Violet Purple Mask Hand painted in Italy

So there you have it! A Christian Celebration, marking the start of lent, have fun with it as it is meant to be a celebration of excess’s.

If you would like to know more about Venice, the plague, Venice and Masquerade Masks please read this article which is the product of over 20 years of research.

I love all things Masquerade…. I hope I have inspired You!

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