No Need for Compromise – Here’s the Perfect Mask with Glasses

What’s the perfect mask with Glasses? It’s the mask you love with a stick attached. At Masquerade Masks Online we are delighted to offer to add a stick almost to any mask with just a few exceptions. There is no compromise needed with this easy and economical option.

Masks with Glasses - Mask Stick

Simply select your preferred Masquerade Mask and also purchase Add a Stick for an extra $15.90

We will select the perfect matching stick. If there are any issues with proportions we will call you to discuss the best way to achieve what you want.

Sticks cannot be added to soft lace masks but look great added to metal filigree lace.

What about adding Color?

Yes we can do that too. Naturally, a Black Mask is slightly more economical than an up market version that is embellished with Swarovski Crystals. However for very little extra we can add colored glitter which is more economical than crystals.

We can customize most masks, so that the mask perfectly matches your gown and really completes the look.

We only charge $15.90 for the color service. Just text a pic of your dress and we will come up with a great solution.