Make your Masquerade Eyes Striking

Masquerade Eye MakeupMasquerade Masks create an aura of intrigue, accentuating eyes and lips. It’s easy to be conservative when attempting eye makeup but perhaps we should resist the temptation to take the easiest path.

The magnificent image here has great impact…. the eyes and lips are the feature. Look closer and you find that the lids have been blocked in black. The effect is striking as it makes the ladies face appear to be an extension of her black filigree mask.

Masquerade Eyes

The Same Mask Restyled

Here is the same mask, our Italian made Adele Mask with Hot pink Eyes and flamboyant black lashes. This awesome makeup is made more striking because it matches lipstick and hair.

Both pictures feature the identical mask, however the effect is dramatically different with the use of different make up.

Masquerade is not for shy shrinking violets, it’s for flamboyant people who love life so don’t be conservative.

Black Eyes can be accentuated with Black lips and jewelry to create a Gothic look. The foundation can be a shade whiter than natural.Gothic Masquerade

This Vampire Bride look is enhanced with undead stringy hair creating a hauntingly beautiful look.

Ladies with fair complexions can use their lack of tan to great advantage.

Mask with Make up

The same mask, our Black Angel Gothic Mask takes on a completely different look with the addition of colorful make up and an Elizabethan Collar. The formal up do gives a haughty look to the mask demonstrating how effectively you can stylize your look by running with a consistent theme.

Masquerade Eye Maskup

Color is Your Friend when Wearing Black

Yes ladies, we love to wear black but the bird with black plumage may be lost in the colorful world of Masquerade.

Lips and Eyes, Shoes and Nails can be used to achieve a colorful result whilst enjoying the slimming effect of a black dress. Masquerade Eye Makeup

Choose your Style

Select the style that flatters you and suits your outfit and pursue the look you are after with enthusiasm.

Delight us with your creativity and make the world a place of wonder.