Masquerade Eyes – Eye Make up with Masks

Make your Masquerade Eyes Striking Masquerade Masks create an aura of intrigue, accentuating eyes and lips. It’s easy to be conservative when attempting eye makeup but perhaps we should resist the temptation to take the easiest path. The magnificent image here has great impact…. the eyes and lips are the feature. Look closer and you … Read more

Ladies Perfect Mask with Glasses

No Need for Compromise – Here’s the Perfect Mask with Glasses We are so delighted to offer the Perfect Mask with Glasses for our glamorous ladies. There is no compromise needed with this stunning and sophisticated mask. The proportions are delicate and feminine, yet cover the glasses frame so that they are almost completely hidden … Read more

Venetian Mask History

Venetian Mask History Incredibly Venetian Mask History originates in Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra introduced masks to Italy through her powerful lover Julius Cesar. Worldly Roman soldiers enjoyed bringing exotic gifts home for their loved ones. Artifacts, customs & slaves were brought to Europe via the conquering Roman Empire. … Read more

Masquerade Masks & Carnevale di Venezia

Masquerade Masks at the Carnival of Venice It the depth of Winter, Venice comes alive with characters of fantasy, beautiful to grotesque. The contrast between the two heightens ones senses, creating a surreal experience.  The setting is the ancient city of Venice with its 500 year old architecture, cobblestones and watery reflections. It is a … Read more

Carnivale Masks

Ancient Traditions – Modern Masks Carnevale di Venezia or the Carnival of Venice dates back over 1000 years. In modern times, it is a celebration of excess, to mark the beginning of the Lenten fasting which is is custom for the 40 days before Easter. In Australia, some times we celebrate Carnevale with a Masquerade … Read more

Masquerade Masks – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Masquerade Masks Oopsies No doubt, it’s a culture shock to suddenly have to select a Masquerade Mask. Masquerade Parties are sometimes sprung on lucky guests at the last minute and with no previous experience in selecting a mask – one could find it challenging? Since the GFC there are fewer shops retailing masks and therefore … Read more

Masquerade Masks – How to Select for Guaranteed Fit

Masquerade Masks – The Perfect Fit In a hurry, check out our Comfortable Masks section for both men and women. Masquerade Masks & Glasses If you wear glasses, a Stick is the best solution. We can add a stick to any mask for only $15.00 extra. Are you looking for a Masquerade Mask to wear … Read more

This Season’s Best New Year’s Eve Masks

New Year’s Eve Masks Hmm…. in a perfect world, your New Years Eve Mask would be:- A Gorgeous Masquerade Mask that suits You Some Masquerade Masks tend to look good on everyone. If you select from these recommended few, you are pretty much guaranteed to be delighted. Masks that suit the majority of faces well are … Read more

Venetian Masks – Yes they are supposed to be from Venice

Hi Guys, Just giving you the heads up….. Unfortunately the vast majority of “Venetian Masks” that are advertised on the net are made in China. The “European” ones are generally made in Albania. If you are looking to receive what you are paying for, its a good idea to ensure that your mask is actually … Read more