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Wholesale Masks are available for retailers to buy thru Insignia Masks who have been bringing Australia the best Wholesale Masks available for 25 years. As a retailer you will need to let us know the location of your shop. Wholesale Prices are available to those with a store or those who purchase more than 10 pieces.  Insignia carries Masks for Masquerade and Home Décor as well as the most amazing range of Murano Glass Jewellery. Please contact us to gain your Username and Password by clicking the Email Insignia Masks & Jewellery If you would like assistance in selecting a fabulous range of genuine Italian Venetian Masquerade Masks or Murano Glass Jewellery at Wholesale prices please call or fax Antoinette on Ph: 0883331982

If you are organizing a Masquerade Charity Event, we can assist. For personalized support please call us.

Murano Glass Jewellery
Murano Glass Jewellery