Masquerade Masks at the Carnival of Venice

It the depth of Winter, Venice comes alive with characters of fantasy, beautiful and grotesque. The contrast between the two heightens ones senses, creating a surreal experience. Masquerade Masks and the city of Venice

The setting is the ancient city of Venice with its 500 year old architecture, cobblestones and watery reflections. It is a stage that has been created over centuries by some of the most artistic people on this planet.

Masquerade Masks and the city of Venice become a living theatre where the tourist and locals become willing participants.

High Tide in Venice

Sometimes, Venice has the “Aqua Alta” which is the high tide that floods the city. The sea water invades Venice by finding its way thru the very drains that would normally remove water.

My own experience of this phenomena is sublime as I watched, incredulous as Saint Marks Square became flooded by the sublime shadows of the setting sun. to the music of the orchestras and the watery reflections of the arches of Piazza San Marco, people and tourists select the high ground at the center of the Piazza.

Only Venice could turn something that would be a nuisance anywhere else into a magical arena. They make the best of every moment, each watery reflection. Masquerade Masks and the city of Venice

For over 1000 years, Venice has been making the most beautiful masquerade masks the world has ever seen.

The Italians know how to set the scene and party, they love mystery, romance and play.

The very best quality masks are worn with fantastic costumes every year for Carnivale. Venice’s Carnival is why so many masks at Masquerade Masks Online are sourced from Venice.

Venetian Masks

The term Venetian means “from Venice” and implies that the Venetian Mask is made in Venice for Carnival. It is a pedigree that masks from elsewhere cannot claim and rightly so. Not only does “Venetian” indicate the origin of the mask but also its quality.

Masquerade Masks Online use the term “Venetian” to describe a mask that is made in Venice so that the origin is known and the mask is authentic.

If planning a trip to Venice, I am happy to assist with great things to do so that the very best holiday can be achieved.

Enjoy xx