Masquerade Masks Oopsies

No doubt, it’s a culture shock to suddenly have to select a Masquerade Mask. It is wise to consider what can go wrong with a Masquerade Mask so that no mistakes are made.

Masquerade Parties are sometimes sprung on lucky guests at the last minute and with no previous experience in selecting a mask – one could find it challenging?

Here’s all the info on how to pick a masquerade mask so that traps can be avoided.

Since the Global Financial Crisis there are fewer shops retailing masks and therefore less opportunity to try them on. The shops that do carry masks, mostly offer a small range, Chinese Masks and very few authentic Venetian Masks.

A real Venetian Mask

Beware of the unscrupulous retailer who will sell you Chinese made masks as Venetian.

The biggest trap is paying for a “Venetian” mask that is not actually made in Venice. Genuine Italian made masks are not all that much more than the Chinese copies.

Check the origin of the mask and know that the fit of an Italian made mask will always be superior to the Chinese copy.  

If your event is casual and playful, you may get away with a Chinese Mask – but you still want to look good, Right?

When selecting please consider the following traps


Over sized Masks, can make the most beautiful face look ridiculous.

Mask makers may be motivated by wanting a larger canvas to showcase their work. Or perhaps…. they just missed the memo about balance, poise, proportion and the bit about “less is more”.

Small framed or petite people, will need to consider each mask’s proportion carefully. There is something for everyone, every size and shape.

You should wear the mask, not the mask wear you.

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