Gender Bender Mask – Made in Italy


Casanova Mask for Masquerade Ball
Hand Decorated in Venice Italy
Gender Bender – For Man or Statuesque Lady
Hand Piped Relief Work
Hand Painted
Music Paper Detail
Secured to Face with Ribbon Ties



Italian Made Gender Bender Mask

The proportions of this mask are best suited to a guy however the overtop eye lashes make this a gender bender mask.

We also call this our Casanova Mask as it’s imported from Italy and very expressive.

The idea of becoming Casanova the worlds greatest lover for the night is exciting. Casanova did actually live in Venice for many years. A highly educated man who enjoyed the ladies and dodged the Spanish Inquisition whilst practicing as a lawyer and doctor.

Our Casanova Mask is made in Venice Italy which is where the Carnival of Venice is held. This is a comfortable fitting gentlemen’s mask. It is secured to the face with ribbon ties which give an excellent fit.

There is hand applied relief work around a music feature on the fore head. The black and ivory colours of this hand painted mask will look good with a black dinner suit.

Very large men may prefer the Casanova Zane.

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