Handsome Mask Silver – Made in Italy


Traditional Venetian Masquerade Mask

Made in Venice Italy

Hand Decorated Relief Work

Antique Silver Leaf Embellishment

Decoupage Images of Ancient City of Venice

Good Fit, Handsome Mask



One of our most popular masks, brought straight from the cobblestone streets of Venice to your very own door. This Masquerade Mask fits all faces well, although the very largest of faces would be more comfortable in any one of our Zane masks. The handsome masculine colors of Black with Silver Leaf suit most men very well. Small decoupage images of the ancient city of Venice are set in the Silver Leaf.

Authentic Venetian Mask

A genuine Venetian Mask, decorated in one of Venice’s most popular styles. This Masquerade Mask is hand decorated and made in Venice Italy. On this website….. Venetian means made in Venice!

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