Ladies Phantom Mask – Italian Made with Swarovski


Stunning Ladies Phantom Mask

Made in Venice Italy

Swarovski Crystal Embellishment

Black Ribbons to Secure to Face

Slightly Flexible, Light & a Good Fit



Exquisite Ladies Phantom Mask – Be Seen

An all time favorite mask, styled perfectly in a jaunty one sided Ladies Phantom Mask.

This exquisite Italian Made Phantom is embellished with quality Swarovski Crystals so that there is lots of quality bling.

Made from black filigree metal lace the mask is slightly flexible which allows it to be contoured to the face.

This makes it very light and comfortable. Italian Phantom is secured with ribbon ties which give a secure fit.

This mask has been copied by the Chinese in various degrees of quality, some profoundly bad. The Italian made Venetian Mask still has the best fit and finest filigree.

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