Music Treble Clef Décor Mask – Italian Made


Treble Clef Décor Mask

Venetian Mask Made in Italy
Life size, fits Adult Face
Ideal for Home Décor
Decoupage Insert with Sheet Music Paper
Neutral Colouring to suit the modern home
Music Theme Mask – 1 of a Pair



For those who love or play music you can’t go past this Treble Clef Décor Mask straight from Venice Italy. It is one of a matching pair of masks. The partner has a Piano on the cheek. Both masks are Life size as they have been made to wear to the Carnival of Venice. The neutral tones and 2 Gold tone tassels look good in a modern or antique style home. This Treble Clef Décor Mask has a decoupage of Sheet Music and the Hand drawn Treble Clef Symbol on the cheek. It can easily be hung on your wall with the small loop at the back of the mask.