Petite Black Cat Mask – Italian Made


Petite Black Cat Mask

Made in Venice Italy

Adjustable Whiskers

Made from fine Black Metal


Small Fit for Petite Adult



A lovely brief black cat mask, made from fine black metal to create a lightweight mask that looks like metal lace. As this is the genuine Italian Made version of this mask, the whiskers sit proud and are adjustable. This is a really lovely touch that makes the mask look more life like and gives a three dimensional effect. The over all effect of this mask is charming and very “cat” like.

How does this Mask Fit?

The contour of this mask is superior to the Chinese copy which sells for a similar price. Our mask is very pretty and gives a very feline effect. It is secured with black ribbon ties which will give a nice firm fit. Petite Black Cat is quite a brief mask with fairly small eyes, making it more suitable for a petite person, although it will fit on a larger face.