Sabrina Black Masquerade Mask – Italian Made


Black Venetian Masquerade Mask

Excellent Fit & Beautiful,

*** Don’t fall for the Chinese copy, this is real Venetian, it fits perfectly, contours the face exactly right & looks great!!!

Comfortable on All Faces

Modern Metal Lace Mask

Made in Italy



Sabrina Black Masquerade Mask

One of the best Masquerade Masks because it gives excellent contouring of the face, great fit, comfort with sophisticated style.

This mask is made from fine metal filigree lace which is slightly flexible and very light.

The styling of this mask is very beautiful, flattering all who try it on.

Secured with ribbon ties, to give a secure fit.

We also offer this mask with the Gatsby Mask styling of black, silver and charcoal which flatters fairer complexions.

Also available, Sabrina with Swarovski Crystals and we can add a feather for only $15.00

Made in Italy – Excellent Quality

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