Sinister Mask – Horny Goat – Unisex


Fancy Dress Horny Goat Mask

Sinister Style for Big Impace

Large but light weight

Unisex – Suits Men & Women

Ideal for Regular to Large Build

Secured with Black Ribbons for Good Fit



Impressive Sinister Mask – Ultimate Impact

A super Mask which is impressive in size and design and perfect for a Fancy Dress Costume or Halloween Mask. Great curled horns and wicket ears and a pointed nose work together to give this mask a sinister quality.

The mask is finished in distressed silver which accentuates the incredible detail.

The mask is quite light, considering the size because it is made from quality plastic. Secured with black ribbon ties so that it fits well, it is ideal for a regular to large build. The mask will suit both men and women.

Good quality, ideal for Fancy Dress and made in China.