New Year’s Eve Masks

Hmm…. in a perfect world, your New Years Eve Mask would be:-

A Gorgeous Masquerade Mask that suits You

Some Masquerade Masks tend to look good on everyone. If you select from these recommended few, you are pretty much guaranteed to be delighted. Masks that suit the majority of faces well are perfectly proportioned and have large eye sockets. See below for suggestions.

Genuine Venetian Masks are consistently better contoured to fit the face. Venetian Masks and Chinese copies may look the same in a photo but they are never the same in real life. Never!

We are committed to giving you sincere advice and welcome your inquiries.  We have some Chinese masks available for the price conscious but if your looking for perfect, then go Venetian.

There is a candid description of each mask which can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail.

       Light, Comfortable & Secure Fitting Masks

Comfort is important and as the night wears on, you will appreciate a light and well fitted mask. The lightest Masks and most fashionable are the metal filigree masks. Metal lace weighs less than traditional solid masks and does not become hot when worn.

There is a whole Category called “Comfortable Masks” to help you short list the ones that are most comfortable to wear. You should consider whether you are petite, regular or large and then read our product info.

Gentlemen, our regular shaped masks fit everyone except the very large. We have a section of Masks for Large Men.

All our masks are secured with ribbon ties which should be tied as tightly as possible. This will reduce the weight that is born on the bridge of the nose. Elastic ties will never give a perfect fit. Genuine Venetian Masks never have elastic ties.

       Masks to Make you feel Special

It’s all part of our routine service and it is our intention to make you feel special.

Personalized Service, Next Day Delivery, Careful Wrapping and the best Masks that the world has to offer. In fact, the Best of Venice delivered to your door.

If you don’t see what you want, please call, as we can customize a mask to suit your needs. We can add color, a stick or feathers for only $15.00.

If you wish, you can send us a picture of your outfit and we can offer some suggestions. Indeed, we can create a unique mask for you either here or if we have enough time, in Italy.

       Have some Bling, Special Feature or Impact

Every one sparkles better in genuine Swarovski Crystals. Perhaps a long nose to drawn attention to your self, or are you a shy Phantom. Perhaps you are then life of the party, why not have Jesters horns with Bells that ring as you dance. Do you want a Gothic Maleficent style mask, an extravagant feathered mask that makes you feel like an Empress or a mask that resembles Angel’s Wings.

Alternatively, you could make an impact by matching a pair of masks perfectly so that you and your partner are clearly linked in style and color.

       Be perfectly suited to the Event

When selecting the “Perfect Mask” it’s worth considering the style of the event. It may be formal, it may be playful. Consider the theme when choosing.

Our Perfect  Masks for New Year’s Eve

Whatever you choose, we wish you great Joy, Prosperity, Health and Good times.

Mens Filigree Mask

Mens Metal Filigree Mask

Perfect Choice Couples Masks

Perfect Couples Masks

Metal Filigree Couples Masks

Metal Couples Masks

Be Noticed His & Hers Masks Red

Be Noticed Masks Red

Silver Angel Mask top of the range made in Italy with Swarovski Crystals and Silver Glitter

Angel Silver Italian Mask

Cyrano Mask Long Nose

Cyrano Mask Long Nose

Exotic Italian Mask, Swarovski Crystals

Exotic Italian Mask

Music Theme Zane Masquerade Mask Authentic Venetian Mask Made in Italy

Music Theme Mask

Mens Metallic Black Italian Made Mask

Mens Metallic Black

Custom Mask to Your Needs

Custom Mask

Venetian Jester Mask made in Venice Italy Gold with Black

Venetian Jester Mask

Phantom of the Opera Mask Eclipse

Phantom Mask Eclipse