Hi Guys,

Just giving you the heads up….. Unfortunately the vast majority of “Venetian Masks” that are advertised on the net are made in China. The “European” ones are generally made in Albania.

If you are looking to receive what you are paying for, its a good idea to ensure that your mask is actually “Made in Italy” or Venice.

It is true, that a Masquerade Mask could come from any where, but Venetian Masks should come from Venice, Italy.

Venetian masks have the prestige of being made for the Carnival of Venice and the net worth of a European made, quality item.

Naturally at Masquerade Masks Online we let you know the origin of your mask – we offer most genuine Venetian Masks and a few Chinese masks.

About Chinese Masks

It’s not just about prestige…. really, some of the stuff coming out of China is a very bad joke.

Chinese Faulty Mask On Left

Chinese Faulty Mask On Left

We started bringing in masks, just to see what would arrive. We have seen excellent Masks in the photo selling the mask. Lovely Masks, made from metal and then received rag like, unstiffened lace masks that were not capable of fitting around the nose. They were unwearable. This is a very common problem which the Chinese seem unwilling to correct. We sell these ones as table decorations… they are completely flat.

On another occassion, we selected a mask that looked great in the picture! It was fine metal lace in the photo, perfectly contouring the model and then received a flat mask – as flat as a coin. It had not been put thru the press to give it shape. Completely unwearable – yet they happily sent it and made me wait many weeks for the article.

Chinese Flat Metal Mask Unwearable

Chinese Flat Metal Mask Unwearable

You may be aware, we have a very small range of Chinese masks to meet the needs of the price conscious. To date, we still find existing Chinese suppliers that we expected to be trust worthy, slipping in faulty stock that cannot be used. We then demand a refund without returning the worthless goods.

We are at a disadvantage in Australia as our freight is so much more expensive than China’s (under $1.00 International). Their cheap freight & labor combined with mass produced and inferior product make their masks seem worth considering if you can afford to wait.

Please don’t think I dislike the Chinese, for this is not the case. I owe my health to a wonderful Chinese Acupuncturist and there may be manufacturers who deliver a good product that I have not discovered.

Masquerade Masks in Australia

We also have the hazard of Aussie retailers, selling Chinese product under the guise of “Venetian”. We have had items copied from our own range, that were our own design, so there is no doubt we had it first.

These Chinese masks have been marketed for a similar price, with the same name as our mask, in such a way as to suggest that they were Venetian, they were even labelled as “paper mache” which is super rare even in Venice, labor intensive and expensive. To my knowledge paper mache is not available from China and it’s worth remembering that paper Mache masks are not smooth and shiny.

Real Venetian Masks

The pleasure of a quality product is enjoyed many years after the cost is forgotten,

When you pay for a quality product, believing that you are getting a genuine Italian made Venetian mask you should get what you bought.

Our modern world is full of stress, responsibility and labor. Perhaps, its worth feeling like royalty for just one night, to feel special and confident and know that you look good! Whether you go for one of our Venetian Masks or a Chinese Mask, I want you to feel and look good.

I wish you many magical nights, sincere friends, long life and good times.